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internet-marketing-video-challengeHi Everybody

It’s that time again!

Video Challenge! Video Challenge! Video Challenge!

As you can probably gather from my opening few words I am pretty excited about this new Video Challenge which again has been hosted and presented to us by Barry Wells of But before I go into explaining this new video challenge let me remind you (for those of you who are not aware) that Barry held an excellent Video Challenge last year; “I Am Showing You Mine But Will You Show Me Yours?” which I was privaledged to take part in and which was a resounding success and a lot of fun to do as well!

The entries in that Video challenge was fantastic and I learnt a great deal and I am sure they will continue to benefit others; check them out you wont be disappointed. Challenge Takers 2011 and if you see something you like you can alway’sbookmark it for future reference!

So! Like I said at the beginning “It’s that time Again” and Barry has decided to hold another Video Challenge, but this time he is giving us more time to prepare and get them videos done …. so! You have no excuse to take part and you can’t say “Sorry Barry it’s a little short notice, maybe next time” :)

The Leap Year Internet Marketing Video Blog Challenge!

As it’s a Leap Year Barry has decided this time round he is stepping it up a bit and spreading the challenge out over four weeks. It starts on the 29th February and runs through until 29th March and he is inviting everyone to create videos and place them on their blogs. Read the rest of this entry

Developing Alliances and Friendships With Other Bloggers


Blogging Hi and Welcome,

I am so pleased you could join me on our continued “Journey to Success”

I wanted to have this post up and on my blog in January, so I apologise for it being so late.

Since returning from my vacation I have been doing some serious catch up not only with my blog posts but with other projects as well; so I hope I am forgiven! ;)



Journey to Success Part 9

Developing Alliances and Friendships With Other Bloggers

Please Note: If this is your first time to my blog and you would like to read the previous posts in the series “Journey to Success” please follow the links below. I would also suggest you read the comments and replies as well as they often add a wealth of information. If you like a comment you are more than welcome to reply. Just hit the reply button beneath the comment.

take the road not taken



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Journey to Success Part 7:   Coming shortlybefore the series finishes!

Journey to Success Part 8:  Take The Road Not Taken – Try Something New!

If you remember from Part 8; I covered New ways to use Social Media, Interactive Wall, Killer Content, Connecting with the User, and Synergizing, as well as discussing Internet Marketing Strategies that are used in the current times in your chosen Target Niche. Always Remember throughout this series without Action you will never achieve your Goals. Here’s a quick reminder if you missed it ……

Taking the Road Not Taken and Trying something New!

OK! Onto Part 9 ……  Developing Alliances and Friendships With Other Bloggers

Read the rest of this entry

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