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Journey to Success Part 9

Developing Alliances and Friendships With Other Bloggers

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If you remember from Part 8; I covered New ways to use Social Media, Interactive Wall, Killer Content, Connecting with the User, and Synergizing, as well as discussing Internet Marketing Strategies that are used in the current times in your chosen Target Niche. Always Remember throughout this series without Action you will never achieve your Goals. Here’s a quick reminder if you missed it ……

Taking the Road Not Taken and Trying something New!

OK! Onto Part 9 ……  Developing Alliances and Friendships With Other Bloggers

How many times have you heard the statement “Building Relationships is Key to Any Successful Business whether it is Online or Offline” Everything is about relationships; right? Its how us Human Beings connect and relate to one another!

FriendshipHowever; is it just about building your Business Presence? I would have to say an emphatic No; it’s also about helping others.

So how do you build relationships online when your never really have “Face to Face” contact with anybody? Let me tell you… Start Blogging! Build Relationships with other Bloggers.

Without doubt I consider this to be one of the most important and rewarding aspects of my online presence today; through blogging and “Blog Hopping” I have made some tremendous Friends and built some pretty amazing Relationships with other bloggers.

When I first started Blogging it was to build my back-links, but I soon discovered there was a whole lot more to it than that! I was soon to discover that relationships with other bloggers can be an invaluable source of support, encouragement, valuable information and traffic, and as your relationships grow with other bloggers, so does your blog readers.

Where to Start? – Visit and Read Other Blogs!

Crazy; right? ~ Why do I have to go and do a lot more reading? I thought the idea is to get visitors to come and read what I have written; surely? ~ Well yes it is, but you can’t go around saying to people “Hey; come and read what I have written, you need to read it” Do you really think that’s going to increase your readership? … No! Visiting other blogs; reading, and interacting with them is a very important step and is paramount to building relationships.

I suggest you start by visiting blogs that share a common interest in your Topic, Niche or passion and see what they have to say about it. This will help you get a better understanding of whats already out there, what area of your topic is being written about and how people are reacting and responding to it. It is so rewarding when you can find blogs where you can interact, and share a common goal with like-minded people.

If you are looking for Quality DoFollow blogs to comment on then take a look at YouDoFollow I have Adrienne Smith from to thank for introducing me to this great new directory ~ thanks Adrienne. Its a new Directory created by none other than Christian Hollingsworh of SmartBoyDesigns I do recommend it.

Also there has been many a time I have visited someones blog seen something I have liked and asked them about it; you will be amazed at how helpful people can be and they are usually more than willing to help in any way they can.

So; you have found the blogs that interest you and share your interest and passion; what’s next?

Comments, Comments, And More Comments!

The first thing to remember here is that Bloggers love to receive comments (don’t we?, hint, hint!) ;)

Now when I say comments I don’t mean one’s like “Great Post” “Love Your Blog” or “Great images” I’m sure you will agree these are NOT valued comments that offer any valued input to a post and to be honest it’s an insult to the Author and I am sure like me they go straight to trash and deleted!

I know in the beginning it maybe be a little worrying or intimidating commenting on other peoples blogs if its all new to you, but as long as your comment relates directly to the post on which you are commenting, and it’s thoughtful, interesting, or even funny it will surely be most welcome. bloggers

It can also be very beneficial to read the comments and replies that others have left as well as they often add a wealth of information and you could reply to those comments. (As I mention in my introduction above)

You see your comment also helps the author and other visitors to get a glimpse of who you are and what your about, and if they like it they pop over and check out your blog!

The more you blog Hop and comment the more bloggers will visit your blog. They could even link your blog on theirs as a blog they enjoy reading or link to a post they have liked in one of their posts (As I have done above) this can in turn lead to Increased Traffic via other bloggers! Think of Comments as a Super Highway with multiple roads leading back to your blog!

Shareability and Social Media Sites

So, you have left your comment on a persons blog; which will definitely be appreciated, however it does not necessarily have to end there! If you liked the post (which I am assuming you did, as you left a comment) then give that bloggers content “wings” and share it! Most bloggers will have provided “Share Buttons”on their blogs such as DiggDigg

It’s all about connectivity; Social Networking has become one of the biggest things to hit the world of Internet Marketing and it definitely has its place and role to play in helping to further develop relationships and friendships with other bloggers.

These Social Media Sites allow us to share bloggers content and once connected with them allows us to get to know them on a more interactive and personal level.The bloggers you are following will appreciate it and will always respond in kind, oh! and did I mention thank you for doing it!

So if you haven’t got accounts set up and are not connected to the Social Media Networks yet then open them now and begin sharing and provide your bloggers content with Wings!:)

Facebook                bloggers


Google Plus


Stumble Upon


Explore the Bogging Community

I know we are all busy people on and off line dealing with our daily tasks and work schedules, but if you can try and find sometime to explore the blogs of the people that have commented on the posts you have commented on you may be surprised to find other blogs that you enjoy that are not related to your niche or Topic.

Leave comments on their blog posts and soon you find yourself connected to a wider blog audience and then your blog community really starts to grow and develop. I try and to do this at least once a day while I am on my Blog Hopping Rounds!

Build and Maintain Your Reader Relationship

For me personally this is the important aspect of building relationships. “Your Readers” a person visits your blog and kindly leaves a comment on one of your posts this is where the connection begins; reply to the comment (you should always reply to every comment you have approved – if a person has visited your blog and kindly left a comment it’s the right thing to do) welcome them to your blog (If its the first time) thank them and reply to the comment.

Go visit their blog and see what it’s all about; read some of the posts and Leave a Comment and please don’t leave a silly comment like; “Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment” the comment left should be for them not you! Remember a Relationship is a two way street not about one person. As mentioned earlier the comment should be relevant to the post or the persons blog; this builds real relationships with your readers.

Online Relationships and Friendships will take time to grow, just as they do offline; when you meet somebody or your introduced to somebody new in your everyday life you don’t instantly have a relationship or class them as one of your friends do you? It takes time to bond and grow and get to know each other; well the same applies online, but I can tell you this by blogging, blog hopping and interacting on the Social Media sites you will surely meet and be introduced to some pretty amazing and inspiring people.

Remember earlier I said “So how do you build relationships online when your never really have “Face to Face” contact with anybody? Let me tell you… Start Blogging! Well if it wasn’t for blogging and the Social Media Sites I would not have come “Face to Face” with the wonderful Kathy Dobson recently, who lives 4,500 miles from me!


Nor would I have built a great relationship and friendship with another online marketer who has helped me so much this past year; see if can you guess who it is ….


bloggersWant to find out? Just click on the Image above!


So there you have it folks a great and rewarding way to start Developing Alliances and Friendships With Other Bloggers and remember….

It’s about helping others when Interacting with other bloggers, focus on that and the Rest will fall into place!

As you know your comments are very much appreciated and are always welcome so please feel free to share your thoughts and I value your input to the post. If you can share some of your own experiences on building relationships with other bloggers which you think can help others then I would love to hear about it!

I hope you have found this post useful and it has helped in some way in showing you how to find and build relationships with other bloggers and it helps you on you on your continued journey toward achieving your goal.

If you use Twitter, Google’s +1 or Facebook please hit the buttons below and share it for me please!



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Until Next Time; Happy Blogging; Bloggers! And my best wishes on your Journey to Success!


Ian Ieba

Ian Ieba

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