Never Give UpJourney to Sucess Part 5

Never Give Up, Focus and Hard Work

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If you remember from Part 4; I covered Learning as You Go, and discussed securing a good Teacher / Mentor, keeping up with current trends, and the use of Social Media in Marketing. Remember without Action you will never achieve your Goals. Here’s a quick reminder if you missed it ……

Remember to always take Action!

Ok! Onto Part 5 ……  Never Give Up. Focus and Hard Work

As I have previously discussed in past posts; all of us at some point on the Journey we embark on online; we get to a point where we feel like giving up. We can’t get traffic to our site, we are struggling with that new product creation, we don’t fully understand WordPress, it does’nt matter what the reason; we just feel like giving up!

The truth is sometimes we even give up before we even start, because we convince ourselves the task is too great!

I know the situation well and I have also struggled with problems during my Internet career. Even today it is not always easy. But on my journey, I have found reasons why it is important to……..

Never Give Up

Firstly; You’re not alone

Even if you think that you’re the only one experiencing how you feel – which is true to some extent – because nobody feels like you, I promise you there are more people out there with the similar issues and  problems, probably more than you think!

Sometimes it just looks like everybody is successful and happy with their Online business but that’s simply not true. You’re not alone.

Talk about it.

Speak to your Internet buddies. In hard times I have had the best experiences with my Internet friends (that I trust) when i shared my problems I was having openly and honestly.  I was really surprised by many reactions. Many said : “Oh, yes – I know that! I had this problem …”- others said “Hang in there, you can do it!” and then others said “Try this it worked for me”

Its truly amazing how much support you have out there if you are prepared to seek it! Remember there have been many before you and you will definitely wont be the last!

You Are Allowed to Make Mistakes

You know sometimes the only way to learn is by making a mistake; seeing that you have made an error and corrected it leaves you in good stead in the future …. you could pass on your knowledge to someone else and prevent them making the same mistake!

Mistakes are okay. They belong in the online journey your taking. Sure, we want to avoid them and delete them from our memory. But in life there is no delete – because mistakes happen and they are okay.

Just sit back for a minute and think about some of the people that are successful online … What do you see? The good blogs, excellent websites, success stories, wealth.

But …… what you don’t see is the many mistakes they have made on their journey! Believe me without the mistakes these successful people would never have come so far. They belong to the journey. Only those who make mistakes can learn from them.

Success you deserve

Never Give Up

To help you find success and reach your goals in this life, then try adopting and embracing this powerful mantra, Never give up is a potent mental soundtrack that     we silently play in our heads as an accompaniment to our daily lives.

Think of it as an invisible mental iPod pumping motivation and perseverance into every cell in your body thereby impacting the very essence of who you are as a person.


“Never, Never, Never give up.”

To be successful in your life and business, here is what Winston Churchill told us:

“The pessimist sees the problems in every opportunity. Whereas the optimist sees the opportunity in every problem”

Continue on your Journey and try to be the best you can be, inside you is the potential for you to be whatever you want to be. Even though at times it may seem too difficult to continue, hold on to your dream.

One day you will find that you are the person you dreamed of, doing what you wanted to do, simply because you had the courage to believe in your potential; never give up and hold on to your dream.



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