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Journey to Success Part 6

Learn From Your Mistakes Back up and Start Again!


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learn from your mistakes




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If you remember from Part 5; I covered Never Give Up, Focus and Hard Work, and discussed never giving up. Your not alone, touched on mistakes and the Success you deserve. Always Remember throughout this series without Action you will never achieve your Goals. Here’s a quick reminder if you missed it ……

Don’t You Ever Give Up!

Ok! Onto Part 6 ……  Learn Fom Your Mistakes Back up and Start Again!

How many of us during the course of our journey online experienced that “Homer Moment” above and found ourselves saying “D’OH!” I know I have numerous times, but you know what it has never stopped me moving forward, in fact most times I laugh at myself because once I take a good look at the mistake I realise just how silly it was.

As I have said before; Mistakes are okay. They belong in the online journey we are taking. Sure, we want to avoid them and delete them from our memory. But in life there is no delete – because mistakes happen and they are okay.

You know the one of things between being successful online or a failure is the ability of having a positive attitude! A successful online marketer will learn from their mistakes and turn them into stepping stones to get them where they are going and more often than not will not repeat them!

The alternative is to allow those mistakes to turn into stumbling blocks that prevent you from making any progress at all, one can either give up in frustration and defeat, or have a positive attitude and have the desire to learn, improve and carry on, alway’s forward!

Somebody once said “Failure is good. Embrace it and learn from it. Then you’ll succeed.”  but to be able to do that we need to understand and accept that…

  • At some point making a mistake or failure is inevitable. Even the most successful people in the world have failed and made mistakes and will continue to do so.
  • Mistakes and Failures can be a good thing, if we learn from it.

Ok! So now I can here you saying; “That’s great I am going to make a lot of mistakes and I am going to fail at some point”

Wow! now I am really Happy! can’t you tell me something useful something I can use Ian?…

Sure ok, I know it’s not enough to say “Learn from your Mistakes” Let’s take a look at how we can turn our mistakes into a positive and take advantage of them!

Turn Our Mistakes to Our Advantage

Acknowledge the Mistake

It’s important to acknowledge that you’re wrong or have made a mistake, but equally important not to think of yourself as a failure. A common characteristic of running an online business is knowing all about mistakes. It is not hard at all to make a mistake in fact it’s quite easy, I know I have made quite a few!

If you’re starting out online as a complete newbie then this is probably especially true. Some people give up after making just one or two mistakes. Please DO NOT be one of them, don’t be one of the crowd!

See Your Mistake as An Opportunity

See each and every mistake you make as an opportunity to learn from, to grow from, to gain experience from, and then carry on!

Once you realize your mistake, DO NOT let it have a negative affect on you’re drive, commitment, plan or ultimate goal – remember that “positive attitude” we mentioned earlier. You will then be able to learn and benefit from it.

What went Wrong?

Work out why the mistake was made, break it down into smaller parts. Essentially, what we’re doing is problem solving. As with any fairly substantial problem, it’s always easiest to break it down. The first question to ask is “why”

Brainstorm the problem, Few failures have one absolute reason, but going through this exercise should help you get to the root of things. The most obvious answer might be right but then it might not be!

Was the mistake down to carelessness, lack of information or research, or was the trouble caused by something which was beyond your control? These are questions that will help understand why the mistake was made!

Find the Solution and Start Again!

start_againNow that the problem has been identified we need to find a solution. Alway’s be prepared though because solving the problem won’t always fix things (it might be too late to fix the mistake), this is where you’ll “arm” yourself against making the same mistake twice and be able to prevent it from happening again!

Always remember (mentioned in a previous post) Your Not Alone if you can’t figure out or decide on the answer, seeking help from others is always a good place to start. Speak to your Internet buddies. In hard times I have had the best experiences with my Internet friends (that I trust) when I shared my problems I was having openly and honestly.  You may be truly surprised by their support! :)

Pass on What you have Learnt – Help Others

Use the experience you gain from solving a problem to help others from making the same mistake. You can use what you learn to write a blog post about it, write a report or e-book, create a video. Turn the mistake into a positive and use it to your advantage while at the same time helping others.


The essential ingredient to handling any mistake is to adopt the attitude of “live and learn.” Alway’s maintain a positive attitude … turn it to your advantage and never give up!

If you can learn from your mistakes and turn it to your advantage, you’ll find that your Internet business will continue to move forward, YOU will grow stronger and wiser, and you will still be on your Journey to Success and reach your goals!


I am going to close this chapter by signing off with one of my favourite quotes by Alfred Einstein….

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

I hope you have found this post useful and beneficial and it helps you on you on your continued journey toward achieving your goal. If you use Twitter, Google’s +1 or Facebook please hit the button below and share it for me please!


Learn fom your mistakes

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