Learning as you go  Journey to Sucess Part 4

  Learning As You Go


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Develop Specific Goals to Attain Your Dreams

Passionate Focused Thinking

Taking Action – Specific Steps Leading to Your Goals

If you remember from Part 3; I covered Taking Action, and discussed Shedules, Planners and the various Pitfalls. Remember without Action you will never achieve your Goals. Here’s a quick reminder!

Ok! Onto Part 4 ……  Learning As You Go – The Internet Marketing Scene

You know every Internet Marketer was a Newbie at some point. When you are starting out it can sometimes be difficult knowing the best way to Learn Internet Marketing, you find yourself plunging deep into uncharted Territory.

I would advise anyone new to Internet Marketing to seek out a good Teacher / Mentor straight from the off as this will give you the benefit of a great foundation.

With the right training, your confindence builds as you progress and that helps you to stay optimistic throughout your journey. You definitely won’t get rich in a day; But when you start to implement the correct strategies skilfully; positive results start to happen from day one.

Your training will help you stay focused on the road ahead.

John Thornhills Marketing Masterclass

As for a Mentor / Teacher I can highly recommend John Thornhill, I speak from personal experience as I am currently a member of his Masterclass program. He is one of the most respected and best Internet Markers around. Review of John Thornhills Masterclass

For those who are a little further advanced and who are not new to Internet Marketing I would recommend Lee McIntyre’s program Instant Internet Lifestyle

Lee has deservedly earned his reputation as being one of the most reputable guy’s out there when it comes to selling information products. He has built up Internet Marketing empire from scratch, and has a great nothern accent! :-) (Sorry Lee)

There are a thousand and one ways of making money online, but Lee in his Internet Lifestyle Intensive Course teaches that the best results can be achieved by creating Information Products that solve peoples urgent needs.

Instant Internet Lifestyle

Learning as you go

Keeping up with Current Trends

Most things are subject to change; and the same is true when it comes to Internet Marketing. Over the years businesses have been coming up with new ways to use the Internet to increase exposure and sales.

In the beginning the only form of marketing was the “Pop-Up” and email messaging. Email messaging is still widely used in today’s marketing and is still going strong. But there are so many more options now available so don’t stick with old and ignore the new!

The latest Buzz!

Social Media

The use of Social Media in marketing is really on the up and up now. Google has launched Google+ (Plus) with its second attempt of competing with Facebook and in some corners is forecast to be bigger than Facebook (only time will tell)

Here are some the reasons why think it stands a good chance:

1. Integration with Google Services

2. Better Friend Management

2. You Can Get Your Data Back

4. Better Photo Tagging

5. Strong Group Chat Features

6. Safer content sharing

Will it eventually replace the trusted Squeeze Pages again we will have to see!

Social Networks in contemporary business scenarios

Facebook “Like” 

Are these soon to be the new Opt-In Forms?

People who want the information we have to offer … all they have to do is hit the “Like” Button they get the information and they are automatically added to our subscriber lists! (I “like” that!)

Google + 1

This is a very new concept that the Google team has brought under its use. The +1 theme is somewhat similar to the ‘like’ option on Facebook.

If you like any web page – video – photograph or any other data on the Internet, you can just click the +1 button on your screen and the same would be visible to your friends and contacts when they Google it.

The Google +1 button is a short for “Check it out”


The long sales copy is proving to be no longer effective, yet we all still use it. It’s the time of the video my friends, more and more videos are now being used as sales pages. We can generate much more reaction and emotion from a video. Don’t get left behind!


Webinars are now more popular than ever most Internet Marketers are using them now to interact with their subscribers, tutorials, and education. They can be scheduled at regular intervals so your subscriber can plan in advance.

These are just a few examples of how things are forever developing.

So how can you keep up with rapidly changing trends?

Keep an eye on the latest buzz.

You can achieve this in several ways.

You could find a good blog (Blog Hop) that reviews all the newest products before they hit the consumer market and add an RSS feed for it.

You may want to do the same with a blog devoted to Web 2.0 marketing techniques. These sites are popular, for a very good reason – they disseminate valuable information.

Join a Meet Up Group these can be a fantastic way of learning about new things, some great tips and advice that are happening in the Internet Marketing arena, as I recently discovered at a recent meet up I attended.

The key is to get involved and take an active part in keeping up with current trends, don’t get left behind!

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” -Pablo Picasso

Learning As You Go – The Internet Marketing Scene

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