Following on from Part 2, PLR “Private Label Rights” where I covered How to Use it To Grow Your Business, The Power of Leverage, and The Common Mistakes of PLR Buyers.

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PLR – Private Label Rights Part 1

PLR – Private Label Rights Part 2

Ok; on to Part 3:

Creating Killer e-Books with PLR

Most PLR packages come with readymade e-books at your disposal. These e-books usually come with e-book covers, source files for editing (usually word documents) and sometimes sales letters or opt-in pages.


You can use these PLR books as free gifts for your opt-in page to build your subscriber list.

As previously discussed it is advised to edit the contents to add in your own personal style and flair to make the e-book even more interesting. Good e-books have the tendency to be recommended to other people so it’s good to focus on further building the quality of the e-books.

Here are a few ideas on creating killer e-books using PLR:

  • Add interesting pictures, diagrams, and charts to exemplify the ideas in the book
  • Add more relevant points to existing ideas or add new ideas to bulk up the e-book
  • Combine 3 e-books to make a massive complete guide.
  • Transcribe audio mp3 or video PLR content into e-books.
  • Put in referral links to affiliate products, blog posts or related content.
  • Finish the e-book with a link to a related paid product as a special bonus for owners of the  e-book
  • Give resell rights or giveaway rights to the e-book

These ideas will help your e-books to not only engage and intrigue you readers, but also to give them a call to action to perform the next step, whether it is to share the e-book or to buy something.

Affiliate E-book Giveaway Strategy

Everyone loves free gifts – I know I do!

What better way to share free gifts than by turning your PLR products into e-books to giveaway? When you give free content to your subscribers, you build trust and credibility with them and they will love you even more.

As already mentioned ….. Inside your free e-books, you can include links to products of interest; something related to what they are reading. These links are actually your Affiliate Links. So, if they happen to buy something through your link, you will be paid commissions by the vendor!

You can also encourage your subscribers to share the e-books with others if they liked it. That way, your affiliate links in the book will be spread to even more people virally and the chances of you making a commission through click-trough’s increases as well.

This free content serves two purposes:

  • The first is providing valuable content to your subscribers
  • The second is to encourage them to share or direct them to relevant sources which could be either your affiliate links or sales pages

Try and brainstorm a couple of free products that you can come up with and give it to your subscribers. They say that the amount of rewards you get is directly proportionate to the amount of value you provide.

So let’s start the ball rolling and start giving out more value to our subscribers!


Creating Audio Courses Using PLR

One of the ways of standing out from the crowd is to turn your PLR content into Audio Mp3 formats. Why turn it into a different format?

Studies have shown that a majority of people prefer to listen instead of read. You can even listen to audio mp3s in the car while commuting to save time. Audio mp3s also have the ability to excite the emotions of the listeners and make them take action.

By creating audio mp3 courses not only do stand out from the crowd but it also shows that you are a serious marketer and are willing to go the extra mile to give the best to your customers.

Here are a few ideas for creating audio courses using PLR content:

  • Transcribe your PLR e-books into audio mp3s. Make each chapter into a short audio lesson.
  • Record a live webcast or audio discussion on the PLR topic
  • Turn an e-book into an audio CD/DVD and sell them
  • Do a podcast and talk about the topics in the PLR e-book
  • Give your subscribers the choice to download either the e-book or the audio mp3 format version
  • Use the audio version as an added bonus for people who purchase your e-book to increase conversions
  • Giveaway audio content away for free and ask your listeners to share it with their friends for some viral magic
  • If you have topics on personal development and self-improvement, you can turn them into inspirational audio books or hypnotherapy series (perfect for stress or anger management)

With audio format, you can turn boring text into exciting ideas and monetize in a totally different market in the same niche – the audio listeners market!


What are you going to do you with your PLR now that you have it?


In part Four we’ll cover

  • Tapping into The Power of Videos Using PLR
  • Viral Marketing PLR Style


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