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Journey to Success Part 8

Innovate: Take The Road Not Taken – Try Something New!

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take the road not taken



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If you remember from Part 6; I covered Learning From Your Mistakes, and Backing Up and Starting Again, and discussed turning our mistakes to our advantage, Seeing your mistakes as an opportunity, Finding the solution and starting again, and passing on to others what you have learnt!  Always Remember throughout this series without Action you will never achieve your Goals. Here’s a quick reminder if you missed it ……

Learning From Your Mistakes!

OK! Onto Part 8 ……  Take The Road Not Taken – Try Something New!

Internet marketing has nowadays become the key to how every business vies to optimize their market share. There are literally tons of Internet Marketing Strategies that are used in the current times. The most common type of Internet marketing strategies involves the use of social media.

However, Internet marketing is not only limited to that, there are other ways and routes that are either undiscovered, or not used by many. These strategies either have not gained attention due to the lack of being run of the mill or just been unlucky.

In the present times where social media is ruling the Internet world, marketers need to learn new ways to sustain in the market. Moreover, every individual wants change and change happens anyway. Therefore, this phenomenon has led marketers to think of new ways to get to their audience and customers and be part of the Internet marketing evolution.


take the road not taken                             take the road not taken                      take the road not taken

Interactive Wall

Nowadays, iPads, mobiles and Kindles are as many in number as the people. With the increase in usage and access to the Internet. Internet marketers need to bring in something different. You can create an interactive wall and increase traffic to your website where people can view your posts, ask questions, suggest topics and check your available products that they may be interested in.

To learn more about “Kindle Publishing” pop over to my friend Barry Wells Blog, and read is article on Kindle Publishing Made Easy by Val Waldeck: My review

Killer Content

It is essential to ensure that whatever content your website has it is appealing and compels your visitors to become actively involved with your content. It really needs to be a conversion catcher (a visitor that is attracted so much that he/she takes an action; e.g. either subscribes to the website, leaves a comment, or makes a purchase if you are offering a product. The content needs to be specific, clear and concise. People nowadays are very savvy and do not waste time on any website or blog that does not create curiosity, offers something they can use or provides answers to their questions!

Connect with the User

You can also create a video and tell your story in it. This is the age of the video era and YouTube can be given some credit to your success. Use it wisely. The best way to connect with a user is to be able to relate to them. For example; since the recent recession, there has been an increased number of people falling into depression and are extremely upset with their lives; socially and financially. Tell your story in a way that they can relate to it so they feel they’re not the only ones in the same boat; show them its not all doom and gloom!

Don’t be Run of the Mill

Be genuine. It’s that simple. You don’t necessarily have to follow the experts to be like them. Be different; come up with something exceptional and go against the norm. If a certain ad is supposed to be placed at a certain angle, don’t do it. Place it otherwise.

The more individualistic and out of the box you are, the more visitors you will receive online.


It is important that your online and offline marketing campaigns are well integrated, consistent and, give out the same message. This is essential because in case there is a conflict, your visitor / user could have ambivalent feelings towards your product and company, hence can lower your website / blog traffic. Your presence throughout the Internet should give out a consistent message at all channels.

Kick “Click Here”

If you want to create back links to your website, don’t do it the ordinary way. The usage of “click here” has become very clichéd. Recent research has shown that users do not tend to act upon it and do not “click here” anymore.

If you really want to create some links that lead to your website / blog, it is better that you suggest to the reader to find out more about x y and z services; you can hyperlink x y and z keywords, which will not require you to use the clichéd term. Visitors are happy to see high search keywords that relate to their interest and hence can increase the traffic to your website.

Target and Understand your Niche

You need to ensure that you know where you can find the audience for your product or service. Facebook is a great source for that and can help you increase traffic to your website / blog and also help in your subscriptions which means, you get more visibility.

Everyone uses Facebook, so how can you make it different? Post on different relevant Facebook pages that are pertinent to your product, service and interests. If you are into a home based business, look for different pages and groups that are for such a niche.

Understand the Timing

Who do you cater to; teachers, business men, musicians, or homemakers? Every segment is likely to be present online at different days of the week and different times of the day. Teachers are most likely to not be present at school timings.

All in all, Online Internet Marketing has become extremely engaging, just like offline marketing because of the various businesses that have mushroomed everywhere and need recognition. It requires a good Internet Marketing Strategy, which incorporates all the above mentioned points, to create a synergized and a strong strategy for your product and Services.

The key to success is to integrate the entire strategy as such that shouts out your service in a different ubiquitous way and helps you create something new; A Different Road, A Different Route To Success!


The Road To Success

The road to success is always under construction.- Lily Tomlin

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